Fife Cameron Trial Lawyers –
A Unique Perspective

“Contingency” lawyers – what does it really mean?

As contingency lawyers, in most cases, there is no up-front cost to our clients. We are in it with our clients, from initial meeting, right through to trial (when required). For us it’s not about billable hours; it’s about representing our clients and helping them navigate the legal system in order to achieve rightful financial compensation for their misfortune.

Unique Experience – >30 years of combined trial experience

Fife Cameron Trial Lawyers are experienced with both Plaintiff and Defence cases. This gives us the knowledge and ability to anticipate the next move in your case before it happens and allows us to work with you to either settle, or take your case to trial if necessary.

Working With Fife Cameron – It’s more than just a case

We understand that your hardship has changed your life; and we will fight for you because your case is as important to us as it is to you. We will retain the appropriate medical experts to review your case and provide recommendations based on your individual situation, review insights based on previous trial experience, and provide practical/legal advice that has been analyzed from both Plaintiff and Defence perspectives.

The Fife Cameron Difference – The Result

By providing strategic advice that has been evaluated from both Plaintiff and Defence perspectives, Fife Cameron can help you anticipate the end result so that you can decide how to proceed based on your own personal situation.